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Application Example Application
Sponsor, owner, or organizer Example Organization
Website or online profile notarealapplication.zyx
Alternative name for the application Example Alternative Name for an Application
Sources of information in print
Sources of information online "About the Example Application," Example Website, accessed December 31, 9997, notarealwebsite/exampleapplication.zyx
Description of the resource This is an example of a description of an application.
Is the text of the description a quotation, a paraphrase, or an original review? original review
If the source of the description was in print, insert the source here
If the source of the description was online, insert the source here
Relevant years 9998 CE, 9999 CE
Relevant agencies, departments, offices, etc. Example Agency
Relevant political subdivisions Example County
Relevant states, provinces, territories, possessions, etc. Example Province
Relevant countries, commonwealths, nations, etc. Example Country
Relevant intergovernmental alliances, leagues, unions, etc. Example Intergovernmental Union
Relevant geographic areas global
Relevant languages Example Language, Example Language Two
Relevant terms and phrases example of a term or phrase, example of another term or phrase
Relevant individuals Ann Example, Andrew Example
Relevant organizations Example Organization, Example Organization Two
Relevant books Example Book
Relevant websites and blogs Example Website, Example Blog
Relevant articles, blog entries, editorials, essays, graphics, interviews, and other content Example Article, Example Blog Entry, Example Graphic
Relevant periodicals, newsletters, journals, and similar publications Example Journal
Relevant databases and repositories Example Database, Example Repository
Relevant applications Example Application, Example Application Two
Relevant PDF documents Example PDF Document
Relevant videos Example Video
Relevant audio and podcasts Example Audio
Relevant projects and activities Example Project, Example Activity
Relevant events Example Event
Relevant constitutions, treaties, conventions, statutes, legislation, judicial decisions, regulations, proclamations, or other sources or enactments of law Example Treaty

Facts about "Example Application"RDF feed
Has connection to PDF documentExample PDF Document +
Has connection to agency, department, office, etc.Example Agency +
Has connection to applicationExample Application + and Example Application Two +
Has connection to article, blog entry, editorial, essay, graphic, interview, or other contentExample Article +, Example Blog Entry + and Example Graphic +
Has connection to audio or podcastExample Audio +
Has connection to bookExample Book +
Has connection to constitution, treaty, convention, statute, legislation, judicial decision, regulation, proclamation, or other source or enactment of lawExample Treaty +
Has connection to country, commonwealth, nation, etc.Example Country +
Has connection to database or repositoryExample Database + and Example Repository +
Has connection to eventExample Event +
Has connection to individualAnn Example + and Andrew Example +
Has connection to intergovernmental alliance, league, union, etc.Example Intergovernmental Union +
Has connection to languageExample Language + and Example Language Two +
Has connection to organizationExample Organization + and Example Organization Two +
Has connection to periodical, newsletter, journal, or similar publicationExample Journal +
Has connection to political subdivisionExample County +
Has connection to project or activityExample Project + and Example Activity +
Has connection to state, province, territory, possession, etc.Example Province +
Has connection to term or phraseexample of a term or phrase + and example of another term or phrase +
Has connection to videoExample Video +
Has connection to website or blogExample Website + and Example Blog +
Has description of resourceThis is an example of a description of an application.
Has locationglobal +
Has quotation, paraphrase, or original revieworiginal review +
Has source of information online"About the Example Application," Example Website, accessed December 31, 9997, notarealwebsite/exampleapplication.zyx +
Has sponsor, owner, or organizerExample Organization +
Has website or online profilehttp://notarealapplication.zyx +
Has year of relevance9998 CE + and 9999 CE +
Is applicationExample Application + and Example Alternative Name for an Application +